Research assistant for the project Supporting Life in Malawi (see website

 Studying Social Work with Social Policy in Europe as major subject. Had an internship at the American Red Cross at there National Headquarters in Washington D.C and ther international department for a semster.

 Been working as a teamleader and administrator for the international IT-company CGI for several years. I have also been involved in multiple volunteer projects as a volunteer and volunteerleader.

Graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources. Have since then worked for the government with personnel and economics and is currently working for an NGO with focus on administrative processes. Had the opportunity to work with Restoring Family Links – specifically in the African context – and developed a strong interest in African culture. 

Main strengths are commitment and engagement. 

Having spent most my adult life in different volunteer projects, the most recent one adding up to four years of co-leading a volunteer group of twelve people, it is of outmost importance that what I do is for the good cause and the long run.

 Assistant Professor in the Department of Informatics at Lund University School of Economics and Management (LUSEM).

I belong to the Supporting-LIFE research project, investigating the use of mobile technologies to improve healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The overarching perspective of my research interests is how to improve business with Business Technology (BT) in modern organisations. That is, modern organisations that succeed to master the digital transformation seem to have a common denominator – they have perceived that business and ICT are in total fusion. They no longer divide business and ICT; instead, they see it as Business Technology. Hence, BT is a key component to success or failure within the landscape of modern business. 

Without the understanding of the use and effects of BT, any manager will suffer the ongoing transformation of today’s business. This interest of mine once began with a dissertation on what kind of species mobile computing is, accompanied with design propositions on how to develop mobile information systems for the digital ranger. After that, my focus has broadened to also include other components of BT, such as ERP systems, ITC-enabled business models, data/process models, m-Health as well as ICT-based business innovations. 

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